Our Story

The Company

Procuman Software SARL was founded in Luxembourg in 2016. The company headquarters were moved to Estonia in 2023 when Procuman Software OÜ Estonia was founded. In 2024 a new next generation e-Procurement and e-Tendering solution was launched. Procuman customer base is located worldwide, USA, Germany, Indonesia, Italy and in several African countries.

Our Vision

Procuman e-procurement software represents a transformative solution for businesses, revolutionizing the strategic acquisition of products and services. It facilitates streamlined operations, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency by automating manual tasks, centralizing data, and providing valuable insights. Compared to traditional procurement systems reliant on manual processes, procurement software offers a comprehensive suite of features that optimize the procurement lifecycle.

By automating tasks such as purchase requests, approvals, and vendor management, procurement software liberates finance teams from tedious manual work, allowing them to focus on more strategic endeavors. Additionally, it centralizes vendor information, streamlines workflows, and digitizes processes, leading to improved accuracy, reduced errors, and increased productivity.

The benefits of procurement software extend beyond operational efficiency to include enhanced visibility, transparency, and cost savings. With real-time insights into spending patterns, supplier performance, and contract compliance, purchasing managers can make informed decisions and drive purchasing initiatives. Strategic sourcing facilitated by procurement software enables organizations to negotiate favorable terms, consolidate purchasing volumes, and identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Key considerations when choosing procurement software include accounting automation, curated vendor options, flexible workflows, intuitive design, and integrations with other tools. Procuman emerges as a reliable procurement solution, offering a comprehensive suite of features including procure-to-pay, supplier and product management, e-tendering and budgets for spend analysis. By leveraging Procuman procurement software, organizations can optimize spending, improve efficiency, and simplify accounts payable activities, ultimately driving continuous savings and success in the purchasing function.

Procuman Software is providing an open source alternative for the e-procurement software industry. With a well established open source platform Procuman Software has been able to provide customers the exact match for their needs, a fully customizable platform to support every customer’s specific procurement process.

Procuman Software is a dedicated software house on information management for E-Purchasing, Vendor Management and Procurement Management processes. With core IT knowledge in open source programming Procuman Software developers can fulfill any customer request for complex business processes.

Your Procuman Team