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 Documentation, User Guides and Videos

User Guides: 

  ProcuMan Software End User Guide   Detailed guide for Requestors and Approvers
  ProcuMan Software Complete User Guide   Guide for Purchasing Agents
  Approval Process for Purchase Requisitions   Setup guide for the Approval process
  AReports Development Guide   Create your own reports with ease
  SuiteCRM User Guides   See what other features SuiteCRM provides
  SuiteCRM Administration Guide   How to customize your software
  Procuman Process Diagram   Generic Procuman process flow diagram
  Procuman Supplier Portal   Supplier Portal Presentation
  Procuman Supplier Portal User Guide   Supplier Portal User Guide
  Supplier Document Share Admin Manual   Administrator manual for Supplier Document Share
  Supplier Document Share on Windows

Instructions on how to map Supplier Document Share
as local Windows drive

  Inventory Manager   Document wiki for inventory manager with video

 Video Tutorials

Video 1 - Creating Purchase Requisition  
Video 2 - Approving Purchase Requisition