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 Documentation, User Guides and Videos

User Guides:

ProcuMan Software End User Guide - Detailed guide for Requestors and Approvers

ProcuMan Software Complete User Guide - Guide for Purchasing Agents

Approval Process for Purchase Requisitions - Setup guide for the Approval process

AReports Development Guide - Create your own reports with ease

SuiteCRM User Guides - See what other features SuiteCRM provides

SuiteCRM Administration Guide - How to customize your software

Data Import Template Files - Upload your existing Suppliers, Products and Users to ProcuMan Software

Procuman Process Diagram - Generic Procuman process flow diagram

Procuman Supplier Portal - Supplier Portal Presentation

Procuman Supplier Portal User Guide - Supplier Portal User Guide

Video Tutorials

Video 4 - Creating POs, Receiving Goods and Invoices  
Video 3 - Creating Purchase Requisition  
Video 2 - System Setup   
Video 1 - Creating RFX