Getting started building your software

What you need to know when designing your no-code web app with

  1. Entities and relationships

“Collections” are the entities that store your business data. For example, if you are creating an app for creating and approving purchase requests, you will create a collection for “Requests”. This collection will have one-to-many relationship with another collection called “Approvals”. So a single Request can have many Approval records with different status (approved, forwarded, declined). comes with two ready Collections, Users and Roles. All other Collections you can create in Collection Manager.

  1. User roles and rights

You will need to define what rights users will have for records in a collection. This done by defining the Roles in ACL (Access Control Lists). You can also define which menu items are visible for each role.

  1. Workflows and actions

Workflows can create, update and delete records based on trigger criterias. So if a Request is approved, you can change the status of the Request to “Approved” with a workflow.

Actions can be created a in list view for the purpose of each record level action. These links can update the record, open a popup windows or create configurable HTTP request to do any other action.

  1. Form Layouts and Menus

With UI editor you can create and maintain the layouts for forms, list views and menus. You also can define which records are shown on the list view by setting the data scope for the displayed records.